Khuếch đại 8F 8F30ESD

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Use for CATV system cable transmitting network, compensate cable
transmitting for RF-signal loss, extend the transmitting of RF-signal or improve
users distribution network.
Amplifier use professional module amplify design, signal level adjustment, take
convenience for network return and system adjustment.
With embranchment output and two way distribution output, ensure widely
(1) Frequency range: 45~550/750/862MHz.
(2) EQ range: 0~-20dB adjust continuely
(3) Gain range: 0-~20dB ajust continuely
(4) Output mode1 way coupler or 2 splitter.
(5) Power supply: AC60V or AC220V
(6) Over-current protection and lightning-proof

1. Line amplifier  
2. 860 MHz                                 
3. Gain 30dB                          
4. Input till 220V


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